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  • The REX-PL lighting has an unique feature of generating more light using the compact fluorescent light tubes with minimum losses of energy. This light project powerful spectrum to the aquarium which make penetration of light more efficient. The PLD lighting not only come with a pair of flippable light stand but also a set of hanging cable.


    REX-PL Size Wattage Voltage Remark
    DM272 45CM 36W 110V&230V PL 36W x 1
    DM102 61CM 55W 110V&230V PL 55W x 1
    DM103 91.5CM 72W 110V&230V PL 36W x 2
    DM104 122CM 110W 110V&230V PL 55W x 2
    DM105 152CM 108W 110V&230V PL 36W x 3
    DM106 183CM 165W 110V&230V PL 55W x 3

    (Special sizes are available.)


    REX-PLD Size Wattage Voltage Remark
    DM273 45CM 72W 110V&230V PL 36W x 2
    DM107 61CM 110W 110V&230V PL 55W x 2
    DM108 91.5CM 144W 110V&230V PL 36W x 4
    DM109 122CM 220W 110V&230V PL 55W x 4
    DM110 152CM 216W 110V&230V PL 36W x 6
    DM111 183CM 330W 110V&230V PL 55W x 6

    (Special sizes are available.)

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